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Krebs Cycle Products produces detailed and concise bicycling guide maps covering much of Northern California. Our maps are originals, made just for cycling. They are carefully drawn to exacting detail and printed in beautiful colors. The extensive information on traffic, hills, bicycle trails, suggested routes, services and points of interest is not found in any other map or book.

The broad regional coverage enables you to choose your own route, giving you the option to pick the fastest and most direct way, or to wander and explore, taking as little or as much time as you like. Our maps give you the information you need to find the best route for your ride. We are cyclists ourselves, and proud to produce what we believe are the very best bicycle maps in the world.

Krebs Cycle Products LLC has ceased operations, but there is remaining inventory that we will mail out for free for personal use.

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The maps are remaining stock and are not being updated, so be aware that conditions may have changed since publication and the user asumes all risk.

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Bicycle Touring Maps

California North Coast Bicycle Touring Map (Map # C-1)

The very best bicycling guide to the Northern California coast. Covers from the Oregon border to San Francisco in excellent detail. Shows quiet back roads that aren't included in other coastal bike guides. Includes paved and dirt alternate routes, a precise elevation profile of the main route, bike trails, stores, cafes, camping, lodging, points of interest, and much more. Legend in English and German. Publication date: 1995.


North San Francisco Bay & Wine Country (Map # T-1 and #T-1p)

Bicycle touring guide for California's famous Wine Country north of San Francisco. Explore the wineries, redwood forests, rolling hills, and rugged seacoast. Covers Marin, Napa, and southern Sonoma counties and adjacent areas. Urban area detail maps, and access information for the Golden Gate Bridge are included. Hills are indicated with chevrons and roads are classified by size. Services, camping, lodging, points of interest, hills, routes, and wineries are shown. Available in paper or plastic. See about plastic maps. Publication date: 2014.

Paper or Plastic coated paper

The South San Francisco Bay and Monterey Bay Bicycle Touring Map is now out of print and not available.

Mountain Biking Maps

San Francisco Peninsula and Santa Cruz Mountains (Map # M-1)

Mountain biking in the redwood forests of the Santa Cruz Mountains, south of San Francisco. The map shows legal single tracks, fire roads, and surrounding paved roads. Gradient chevrons, nearby services, camping, picnic areas, drinking water, rest rooms, and much more. Publication date: 2008.


South San Francisco Bay (Map # M-3)

Trails in the San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge, and regional parks in the hills between San Jose and Pleasanton. Legal single track trails, fire roads, and surrounding paved roads. Gradient chevrons, nearby services, camping, picnic areas, drinking water, rest rooms, and more are included. Publication date: 1995.


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The Mt. Diablo East Bay Hills Mountain Biking Map is sold out and discontinued.

Typically we will be mailing maps within a week or two, but if we are out of town on a bike tour, it could be longer.

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