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We try to keep our maps as up-to-date and accurate as we can, and very much appreciate any information you send us regarding changes or inaccuracies.  Please check the following list and make updates to your map.  If you notice an error while using your map, please let us know so that we can post it here for others.  Thanks!!

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General Revisions

Calif. State Park Reservation Number: 1-800 444-7275. 
(Remember that many State Park campgrounds have a hiker biker site that does not require any reservation).

Calif. State Hwy. Information: 1-800 427-7623; also on the web at:

League of American Bicyclists address:   1612 K Street, Washington, DC 20006   (202) 822-1333


Note that several State Park campgrounds are closed seasonally.

C-1 California North Coast Bicycle Touring Map

T-1 North San Francisco Bay & Wine Country Bicycle Touring Map

Current map published April 2014.

Road extenstions and bike path along U.S. Highway 101 between Novato and Petaluma completed in October 2014: Redwood Boulevard (west side frontage road to U.S. 101) has been extended to Olompali State Park. San Antonio Road south leg has been extedned to the north boundary of Olompali State Park. A bike path connects the two roads. A bike path along U.S. 101 to Petaluma is planned for 2019.

SMART commuter trians are now operating between San Rafeal and the Somona County Airport near Santa Rosa. There is room for 24 bikes per train.

The following revisions apply to older versions:

T-1 North San Francisco Bay and Sacramento Bicycle Touring Map (OUT OF PRINT)

The North San Francisco Bay / Wine Country Bicycle Touring Map supercedes the old North San Francisco Bay / Sacramento Bicycle Touring Map. There is a gap in coverage between West Sacramento and Fairfield, due to a more detailed scale, and hence less geographic extent, on the new map. We will send a photocopy of the "missing area" from the old map upon request, but please note the following:

The following changes affect areas covered by the old map but not covered by the new map:

T-2 South San Francisco Bay and Monterey Bay Areas Bicycle Touring Map (OUT OF PRINT)

The most recent map was published April 2012. This map is now out of print.

The following revisions apply to older versions:

T-3 Lake Tahoe and Gold Country Bicycle Touring Map (OUT OF PRINT)

This map is now out of print.

These have been reported to us, but not field checked:

M-1 San Francisco Peninsula and Santa Cruz Mountains Mountain Biking Map

M-3 South San Francisco Bay Mountain Biking Map

M-4 Mount Diablo and East Bay Hills Mountain Biking Map (OUT OF PRINT)

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Updated October 26, 2018